Simple but reliable installation

The Fuelstop TFV's reliability, which is widely praised by distributors and installers, is attributable to, a combination of design, high build quality and rigorous testing - all of which have resulted in compliance with OFTEC OFS E101.

The Fuelstop TFV was the first capillary operated fire valve to incorporate an integral shut off facility as part of the reset mechanism.

3/8" valve comes complete with compression nuts, olives and soft copper support sleeves, reducing installation time and saving the cost of an adaptor fitting.

Fuelstop TFV is the only 1/2” valve on the market, making it unique.






Position the valve in accordance with BS 5410 (Part 1 and 2) and any other current legislation or guidelines.

  • Install the valve in an upright position, with the reset button pointing downwards. Ensure the valve is installed at the point of entry of the oil line. Unroll the capillary to prevent twisting and fix the phial inside the appliance casing at a point recommended by the appliance manufacturer. Where the burner is outside the casing, the phial should be installed to the instructions recommendation. 
  • Support the valve hexagon when tightening tube nuts. DO NOT HOLD THE VALVE HEAD, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE VALVE CONNECTIONS.
  • Support the capillary along its length and sleeve through walls as necessary to prevent abrasion or damage and neatly coil any spare capillary to a minimum diameter of 80mm.
  • TFV Fire valves are factory calibrated, there are NO serviceable parts, do not attempt to dismantle.